Used ps3S

GameStop now offering used

GameStop has begun selling what it's calling "Supercharged" PS3s, which are basically just used systems with 500 GB hard drives and a few other goodies to sweeten the deal.

At $400, the "premium refurbished" (how's that for marketing speak?) machines are the same price as new 320 GB Move bundles, which are the most expensive of the various PS3 packages. Given that it's pretty easy to find a 500 GB hard drive online for less than $100, GameStop is also offering the following pack-ins:

- A 6-foot HDMI cable
- A USB hub with remote control
- An IR remote and receiver
- An exclusive PS3 skin with GameStop's "Supercharged" logo

If you're deathly afraid of tampering with your consoles, GameStop's offer may be a reasonable way to score a high-capacity PS3. GameStop claims the system has $160 in "Added Value" over any other used PS3.

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