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For sound upbringing of youth, SCE designs and conducts classes regarding game industry. We have a number of programs such as learning how to get along with games (media literacy) and career Education, and have been giving lectures at elementary, junior high, and high schools around Japan.
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Original PlayStation® Disassembly Workshop

Original PlayStation® disassembly workshop was held for students from 8 to 15years old at “Sony ExploraScience” located in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Our active engineers dressed in white robes as “Disassembly Experts” told anecdote about PlayStation® development. 24 parent-child pairs disassembled the original PlayStation® allowing them to learn firsthand about the mechanisms of the system, how to use tools, and the joy of creation.

Community Cleanup Activity

SCE 2013 new employees participated in a cleanup activity at the Enoshima Eastside Beach located in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa. With a trash bag in one hand, they collected garbage such as cigarette butts, bottles, cans, and other litter left by vacationers over the summer. Sharing a sense of achievement after the cleanup, all of them deeply understood the importance of keeping good manners, and took a first step towards social contribution.

Supportive Activity for "Internet Hotline Center"(Japan)

For sound development of the Internet, SCE cooperate to the activities of the Internet Hotline Center, and support creating a safe environment that people can use the Internet at ease.


Typhoon Haiyan Matching Donation

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) made a donation to the relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan which hit Philippines and caused catastrophic damage in November, 2013. The funds raised have been matched by the company through the Sony "Matching Gift Program" and donated to the American Red Cross and Save the Children.

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