Pre Owned Playstation 3

Sony - PlayStation 3 - 120GB

It was a good buy for the $215 that I bought it for, including postage and handling, but took around a week to get here (Brisbane to North Queensland). When I finally received the product, I was disappointed at the overall condition of it… The console itself was all sticky and had residue in places, and was all dusty. Looked like it hadn’t been cleaned at all. Got a genuine controller with it, but was lighter than my other two I had previous, so I’m not so sure… But its condition was worse than the console. It was heavily worn and been heavily used, and was all marked. Not sure about the running of the console yet, as I think I may a power supply issue in my home (if anyone can help with this, it would be appreciated) but seems to be fine for the moment. Great price, but expected better about the condition of the product. Cables are all genuine, and are excellent condition.

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  • Storage bags hold your controllers, power supplies, and other accessories
  • Shoulder Strap, remote, and sticker kit included
  • Removable center badge on the case exterior for future customization
  • Interior case LED lighting
CTA Digital CTA Digital Multi-Function Carrying Case - PlayStation 4 and PS3
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  • Compact design perfect for travel
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • 2 Built-in straps to secure the console
  • 6 Disc pockets, 2 external pockets and 2 internal pockets for accessories
  • 1 Removable pouch designed for the PlayStation Camera
Whv Games The Witcher: Wild Hunt - PlayStation 4
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  • The story is drawn based on player decisions. Each action will have consequences which change the story and the game world. NPCs, communities, monsters and locations...
  • The Witcher 3 is standalone adventure, easily entered into by new players. Witcher fans will find subtle references to their adventures, but these elements are not...
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  • Unique atmosphere, memorable characters and gritty dialog - the game world has its own unique feel. It is a classic dark fantasy tale that will appeal to fans of...
Nyko Nyko Charge Base - PlayStation 4
Video Games (Nyko)
  • Drop and Charge design allows for charging without removing batteries
  • Utilizes Nyko s patented dongle charging system
  • Dual port recharging dock charges both controllers simultaneously
  • Low-profile design ideal for all entertainment centers
  • Back lit charge icons clearly indicate when charging is complete
Warner Home Video - Games Mortal Kombat X - PlayStation 4
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  • A deep story mode continues up to 25 years after the events of 2011 s Mortal Kombat and advances the dark tale - introducing new characters such as Cassie Cage...
  • Mortal Kombat X introduces the next evolution of fighting with the return of X-ray and Finishing Moves that showcase brutal battles like never before with enhanced...

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