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ps-vue-launchYesterday Sony confirmed the launch of its internet TV streaming service called PlayStation Vue. The service is initially being made available in selected markets. In order to stream live TV through PlayStation Vue one must have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4. Sony has decided to keep PlayStation TV out of the fray as the little box won’t allow users to access Vue.

While the PlayStation TV might be a great device to play PS Vita games on, some of Vita’s best games don’t work on it, and the box doesn’t really hold its own against better streaming solutions from Apple, Roku, Amazon and many others.

Nevertheless the PlayStation TV is capable of streaming TV shows and movies. One might have thought that Sony would have included it in the list of devices that support PlayStation Vue, the iPad and devices from other manufacturers will soon join that list, but Sony has decided not to.

There’s a joke in there somewhere, a device that’s literally called PlayStation TV doesn’t support PlayStation’s internet TV streaming service, but it appears that Sony sees no real future for this product so it simply didn’t bother to bring Vue to it.

PlayStation Vue will be launched in more markets throughout this year. Sony will also release apps for the iPad as well as for devices from other OEMs.

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