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With a special nod to the (at least for me) infamous “Grant Hill drinks Sprite” commercial, Sprite has done some pretty cool marketing campaigns around the NBA. With this weekend marking one of the NBA’s biggest events, All-Star Weekend, I was excited to see a mobile campaign from Sprite. Let’s break it down.

Call to Action Placement

I caught the call to action (aka “CTA”) from Sprite within my Facebook feed: “Text ASW to 777483 (Sprite) to be in the know for All-Star Weekend. Msg&DataRatesMayApply.”

I’m a “fan” of Sprite on Facebook, and would not have seen the CTA had I not already been a Sprite fan (I checked via another Facebook account to make sure). Thus it seems that Sprite targeted this promotion at current Sprite drinkers. I found this interesting given that NBA All-Star Weekend probably is a good time to attract new customers, especially considering people’s interest in the NBA and Sprite’s product promotion with NBA players (you can see OKC Thunder Center Serge Ibaka, for example, in the Facebook feed).

To get more insight into this assumption, I perused the aforementioned NBA All-Star weekend homepage. Given that this ASW CTA advertised alerts, I figured that it might turn up there too. After a quick perusal though, no sign of any Sprite mobile CTA. Not totally surprising given that the All-Star site is maintained by the NBA, but not optimal.

So I then clicked on a specific link to the “Sprite Slam Dunk Contest” from the All-Star homepage. As the Dunk Contest is a Sprite-branded event, I figured the mobile CTA might be listed there.

As you can see, however, there is no mention of the mobile CTA. Just information about Twitter and Facebook (which both were NBA related). Again, not optimal, but perhaps not shocking.

One final check to get a sense of Sprite’s promotional strategy was looking at the homepage and mobile site to see if the mobile CTA appeared in those places.

Strike 3 – no mention of the mobile call to action anywhere. Bottom line, Sprite missed an opportunity for clear cross-channel promotion in my opinion. By not promoting mobile across various media channels, success (due to not just potential eyes but also consumer faith in the promotion) will not be as pronounced.

(One more point: Sprite has a sweepstakes entry listed on its homepage. Why not use this as a way to drive more mobile sign ups? Sprite also lets you text in bottle cap numbers, but this was not mentioned on the homepage either – let’s move on).

Call to Action Message

Sprite’s basic incentive for their mobile promotion is to “be in the know for All-Star Weekend.” This is compelling for NBA fans, especially if Sprite is going to be communicating insider information or updates, and doesn’t require a monetary incentive. Nice job there. The keyword, ASW, is also strong. It will do well on the radio and on billboards (anybody seen any?) and has sufficient context to go along with the call to action. As far as compliance goes, they do a good job of inserting the message and data rates language, which you don’t see from every brand.

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