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What is PS1?

PS1 is essentially one quarter of Pan-STARRS, and has been built to test many of the features of the full PS4 telescope. It has the same optics design and camera design as anticipated for the full version of Pan-STARRS.

PS1 has been built on the site of the south dome of the old LURE observatory on Haleakala, Maui. First light occurred in June 2006 and the telescope was formally dedicated on June 30, 2006. The first of the Gigapixel cameras, GPC1, was installed in August 2007.

How will PS1 be used?

PS1 allows us to test all the technology that is being developed for Pan-STARRS, including the telescope design, the cameras and the data reduction software. PS1 will be used to make a full-sky survey that will provide astrometric and photometric calibration data that will be used for the full Pan-STARRS survey.

The PS1 science consortium

PS1 is also a very powerful tool for scientific research in many areas of astronomy. The University of Hawaii has set up an international consortium comprised of astronomers from Germany, the USA the United Kingdom and Taiwan to operate and analyze the data from the telescope. The consortium has identified at least twelve key astronomy research projects to be completed during the anticipated 3.5-year life of PS1. They ojects to be studied cover the whole range from near-earth asteroids to very high redshift galaxies.

The members of the Science Consortium are:

For more information see the PS1 Science Consortium website:

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