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Vita has no games? Think again. By Colin Moriarty

If you own a PlayStation Vita - or spent any time reading about it - you know that it has plenty of games for it. Yet, some are still skeptical about its roster of titles.

Below are a list of 30 games coming out in 2014 that seem to be promising... at least on the periphery. What games would you add to the list?

Borderlands 2

  • Exclusive? No. | Release Date: 2014

The fact that Borderlands 2 is coming to PS Vita at all is somewhat of a miracle. It’s also proof that an online groundswell can provide actual results. It all started when Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford noted that he’d love to bring Borderlands 2 to PS Vita, but couldn’t make it happen on his own. Sony took notice, contracting Iron Galaxy Studios – the creator of niche fighting game Divekick – to help port it over. The project was officially revealed at Gamescom.

It’s unclear just when in 2014 Iron Galaxy will have Borderlands 2 fit for shipping on Vita, and it’s equally unclear if it will connect to the PS3 version of the game. Either way, Vita fans are about to get another bona fide, totally awesome FPS for their handheld.

gazeConception II: Children of the Seven Stars

  • Exclusive? No. | Release Date: Q2, 2014

There are companies out there that really love the PS Vita and pay attention to what its small fanbase wants. One such company is Atlus, the publisher of, among other games, Dragon’s Crown and Persona 4 Golden. Recently, the Japanese publisher revealed that the next Vita game it will bring to the west is Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, a title that will appear not only on Vita, but on Nintendo’s 3DS as well.

Conception II is decidedly bizarre, a direct sequel to a game we’re unlikely to ever get in the west, Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Undekure!. The entire plot revolves around a location known as Pandora Labyrinth, where the main character – the Disciple – can… uh… mate with powerful goddesses to create Star Children that can be utilized in the heat of battle. Strange, yes… but a turn-based RPG, too! Please be excited.


I’ve seen CounterSpy twice. Once, I saw it at E3, and was only allowed to look, and not actually play myself. When I finally went hands-on with it months later at Gamescom, I understood why I wasn’t allowed to touch it. The game was in rough shape. So why is it on this list? That’s easy: CounterSpy was supposed to come out in 2013, and it’s gone off the radar to be fixed-up and bettered for its release. And that’s good news, because CounterSpy is an incredibly promising project.

CounterSpy, at its core, is a side-scrolling spy-action game that’s as much about exploration as it is about combat. While it definitely invokes a sort of Metroidvania feel, it’s really its own game, one rooted in the espionage and intrigue of the Cold War, when it seemed like we were just a moment away from nuclear destruction every day of the week. So consider CounterSpy’s inclusion on this list a hope that the game lives up to what it’s capable of.

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