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PSP including 8Gig Memory Card

Since the emergence of this handheld game console in 2004, it has come to become the go-to gaming device for most game lovers. Its portable style and design makes it very ideal as you get to play video games while on the move. The PSP consoles feature a reliable battery that offers 4-6 hours of gameplay. Its 4.3-inch LCD screen makes gaming more fun as it is wide enough for all kinds of video games. It also means you can conveniently watch music videos and movies. The PSP consoles are much more than just gaming devices. They guarantee an amazing gaming experience every time thanks to their highly powerful processor.

PSP Consoles Models

Discover a large selection of PSP consoles models on Jumia like the PSP E3000, PSP E1003 and more. This video game consoles are well-designed and built for high performance. The PSP consoles come integrated with Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it easy to access the internet and allows for online gaming. They come with internal memory as well as a memory stick duo slot for storage expansion so you can have not only your games but also your favourite movies and music. PSP consoles have built-in stereo speakers which deliver quite impressive sounds. It does not matter the model you go for, you still get the same awesome gaming experience.

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