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PlayStation users with PSN Sub Accounts will be able to upgrade to PSN Master Accounts from now on, Sony has officially announced.

Sony has designed PSN Sub Accounts for users under the age of 18, allowing them to access the PlayStation Network (PSN) to play online games. With PSN Sub Accounts, however, parents or legal guardians are the ones to manage the users' online experience. This means that PSN Sub Account users don't have access to a number of features such as messages, monthly spending limits, or gameplay broadcasts.

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In other words, PSB Sub Accounts were created to allow kids to enjoy the PlayStation Network, but without having all the control over the experience. This way, parents and guardians can manage what their kids are about, how much they spend, and so on. Parental controls for Sub Accounts require an associated Master Account for management.

Using the Sub Account management settings, parents or guardians can manage Messages, Party, Game Alerts, invitations, friend requests, the Share function, profile screen, activity feeds, and spectating broadcasts. For more information regarding PSN Sub Accounts, check out Sony's support page at this link.

Sony has now adjusted its policy and announced that it will start allowing PSN Sub Accounts users to upgrade to a PSN Master account.

"Starting today, PlayStation Network (PSN) users will gain the ability to upgrade a sub account to a master account. We're always listening to user feedback, and this is a feature that many of you have asked for. You'll be able to upgrade an account first through the web and later through PlayStation 4, " the company touted in a new blog post on Thursday, Feb. 12.

With a Master Account, PSN users will be able to access all of the features the PlayStation online experience has to offer, including the PlayStation Store. It's worth pointing out, however, that PSN Sub Account users can only upgrade to a Master Account after they've turned 18. Once they upgrade, their profile will be transferred to the new account, complete with friends lists, Trophies, and other items.

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