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Maker of PSN Game Being Offered for Free Worries About PlayStation Store's ViabilityWhen PlayStation Store returns (reports suggest that will be May 24), PS3 account holders may choose two free games from a list being offered by Sony. One of those is Dead Nation (pictured), and the studio behind it told Edge magazine it's worried what the glut of free games might do to efforts to sell its latest release.

"My biggest concern is whether people will come back to use the system and browse the Playstation Store, " said Ilari Kuittinen, whose Housemarque studio just released Outland on Xbox Live Arcade. When PlayStation Store returns, it'll be there too.

"On top of that, the second issue is that everyone now gets games for free (including our Dead Nation and Super Stardust HD), so people might just play the free games for a while. By the time they are ready to buy something, Outland is maybe old news."

Kuittinen noted that the decision to offer Dead Nation in the PSN "welcome back" package was entirely up to Sony and publisher Ubisoft. Housemarque wasn't involved at all.

Other developers reached by Edge, some anonymous, some on the record, aired concerns about a glut of titles releasing to PSN all at once following the three-week outage, and development time lost due to the inability to test certain gameplay components without PSN access.

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