PS4 Customer support phone number

Our PlayStation Support Number will connect you to PlayStation Technical Support. This number is specifically for technical support for PS3, PS4 Support or technical help with the Playstation Network. For support on any other Sony Products, please visit our general Sony Support page.

Calls cost 5 pence per minute from BT Landlines. Calls from mobiles and other networks can be higher. Please contact your network operator for more information. Number Connect provide this customer service phone number completely independently and are in no way connected to Sony or PlayStation.

Sony PlayStation and the PlayStation Network (PSN)

The Sony PlayStation is one of the world's favourite gaming consoles. Starting with the original PlayStation back in 1994, Sony have since released 3 other versions of this console, the most recent being the PS4 released in the UK in late 2013. The Sony PlayStation has always been at the cutting edge of technology and continues to remain the primary source of entertainment in many households up and down the UK and around the world.

The PS3 represented a huge leap forward from previous versions as Sony added many new features other than just playing games. With your PS3 connected to your home network you could browse the Internet, install Apps such as YouTube, LOVEFiLM and Netflix to stream movies straight to your TV and a DNLA Media Player to play video and music content from your Home PC. As such, the Sony PS3 and Sony PS4 are often the centrepiece of a family's multimedia entertainment.

Is Newer Always Better?

Many people automatically assume that the newer PS4 is better than the PS3, but this is not the case is every respect. This can leave people disappointed having spent lots of their hard earned money on a PS4 only to find that some features have not been carried over from the PS3. At Number Connect, we believe that the stand out missing element on the PS4 is the absence of DNLA Capabilities.

But what does this mean in real terms? If you currently take advantage of the PS3's native ability to detect media servers around your house such as your Home Computer or Network Drive then you may be in for a shock when you upgrade. The PS4 will not be able to stream any movies that are stored on your computer as you previously could with the PS3. Having spoken to the Playstation Support Team about this, we are informed that this facility may be reintroduced in a future firmware upgrade – although this remains unconfirmed.

Of course, the PS4 has better processing power and improved graphics – so gameplay should be better on the PlayStation 4. But if we can't stream movies and we can't play our PS3 games on the PS4… we're going to be sticking with our PS3 for the time being.

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