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Expect to hear news at E3 2015 or this holiday shopping season.The PS3 slim arrived three years after the PS3 release, and even if the PS4 stays the same size we may see a price cut due to Sony’s ability to cut the production costs dramatically. Just two years after the PS3 arrived Sony was able to cut the manufacturing cost by 70% according to an investor call.

Now that it is clear that Sony could easily deliver a PS4 price drop in 2015, here are five things you need to know about the rumor. Keep in mind there are also reasons a PS4 price cut isn’t likely.

It's possible to score good PS4 deals right now, without waiting for a PS4 price cut.PS4 Price Drop Details

The new PS4 price drop rumor arrives from an official source, but it is not announced at this time. shares a screenshot from a Sony contest for video game retail employees that shows the PS4 price as $349. That is a $50 price cut for the PS4, which currently retails at $399.

In a screenshot we see the PS4 Approximate Retail Value (ARV) listed as $349. This value is typically the retail price of the device that a customer will pay in-store without any discounts.

Competition from Microsoft and Windows 10 remote play for Xbox may push Sony to cut the price of the PS4 and PS Vita.When Would Sony Announce a PS4 Price Cut?

If this is the real deal, there are two potential times for a PS4 price cut in 2015. The first is in June at E3 2015. E3 is the biggest event of the year for gaming in the U.S. and it is a location where many major announcements will arrive.

Sony could make the announcement during the 2015 E3 press conference that starts at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern on June 15th.

If Sony announces a PS4 price drop at this event, expect the in-store prices to match the announcement within hours or days.Another possible time for a cheaper PS4 announcement is right before the holiday shopping season starts.

What you need to know about a PS4 price drop in 2015.PS Vita Price Drop Too

A PS4 price cut isn’t the only potential change for Sony. The same document includes a listing for a cheaper PS Vita. It is not clear if this is the current model or a cheaper value placed on an older PS Vita.

The PS Vita can connect to the PS4 to enable remote play, putting PS4 games on a portable device that you can use at home or even on the go with the right setup.

PS4 Deals Offer Similar Pricing Right Now

It’s tough to tell gamers to wait for the PS4 price cut that may not happen, especially with so many fantastic games coming out only on the new consoles this year.

Even if you don’t want to wait for a PS4 price drop, there are many PS4 deals available that add up to $50 in savings almost every other week.

Retailers also often include extra games, controllers or bonus items that equal $50 or more in savings.

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