PS2, Vita

PS Vita needs PS2 classic support…. Not all people have a stable internet connection or would like to buy the games again although they have already have it bought on PSN..

I agree with Lisa_M76, I sometimes have internet complications or no internet at all and I would hate for PSNow to be the only option for PS2 classics..

Also HD remakes? meaning I would have to buy the games again? I don’t think so.

I honestly wish Sony and some talented developers could code PS2 classic’s on the Vita.

The PS Vita has more ram and raw CPU and GPU power than a PS2. Although the Emotion Engine is complex, if we have some developers who know about the processor, and the Vita’s limitations and it’s strengths, they can code an emulator or port from PS2 to Vita.

The Vita even gets PS2 ports… If they can re-release an PS2 game on PS Vita, the PS Vita can sure get coded an emulator. To port a game from one platform to another, you have to code and redesign that game to get it to run on the new platform its getting ported on. You have to know the strengths and weaknesses of the platform your working with.

The PS2 was one of the most selling consoles of all time.

If PS Vita gets PS2 Classic support, this would boost sales of the console in my opinion.

Especially if it’s playable without PS Now. Imagine playing Bully, or any PS2 classic without requiring internet. The PS3 uses an PS2 Classic emulator to run PS2 games on the PS Store.

Using 1 PPC CPU with 6 SPE’S and an GPU based on Nvidia G70 architecture. Also not only to mention the 512 MB of ram split into two 256 MB. Only some PS3 models have the Emotion Engine on the board.

Sony is already selling PS2 games on the store as Classics, playable on PS3, but I don’t think they are actually ports. What I think they’re doing is take the PS2 software emulator that was in the 60GB EU launch model and use it to run games with a few optimizations, and then sell the games on the store.

The only cure for vita life only ps2 emu for vita… If sony cant this vita ends.. Because vita doesnt release aaa game.. Maybe somebody buy vita for ps4 and ps3 remote play.. But vita alone console portable console need exculusive game or emulator for ps2…

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