PS Store not working

Ps Store Not Working Ps3

Still no response. I spent about 6 hours yesterday trying to fix this issue, No one knows anything when you call sony support, and treat you like your a freaking idiot.

It started on Tuesday.

I can load PSN/games/whatever work.

The only thing that does not work is the store.

The store will come up, but i cannot do anything. The cursor is frozen, all the buttons except the PSN home button does not work. You can leave the store via the PS home button. Its been about three days now Sony. The first time i called in i talked to a Customer Service person, she told me to put it in Safe mode, then select option two. I was able to buy a game on tuesday. That fixed it. However, i tried to buy something again on Wednesday and the same things were happening.

I called back in and wasted more time on the phone.The Customer service agent suggested resetting my system to factory defaults. I don't think resetting my system to factory defaults will fix this. i feel he was grasping at straws. So here i am now, all i wanted to do was buy the exp to XCOM but for some reason its beyond my capabilities. I would love to buy it on my PS4, but alas it is not available on the PS4 like everything.

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Playstation Store Not Working
Playstation Store Not Working
Ps store not loading ps4
Ps store not loading ps4
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