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Hello all. I just bought RoS the other day for PS3 and have linked my PSN account to my account. Now that they are linked, am I able to view my PS3 profile, or can I only view PC profiles?

Also, since both accounts are now linked, why do I have to post using my WoW login? It says that Starter Edition D3 accounts can't post. Why is my D3 account considered an SE account?


PS3 lets all laugh

First off this ^ trolling for noobs, your really going to laugh at a guy because he hasn't made the switch to next-gen? I hope you realize that there is a huge amount of people that just didn't bother making the switch yet because they are waiting for more games to release, or because they don't have the money to buy a new console, and games are still being released for ps3. Both of my roommates are in that category. So ya we are all laughing but its at you for being dumb as ****.

But anyway I agree its pretty dumb to make people buy the game for PC to be able to post in the community forum. like I mean I bought the game from you still, ya sure I bought it on psn, but the money still goes to blizzard.

And seeing as they could simply make it so that the different console versions are in a separate tab in the armory, or just do what Square did with ff14 and make it all one account.

Not that difficult especially since we paid for the game and that is what you require for the community. Or even make it so we can register that as one of our owned games so it will still show that you are using starter on PC but you also have UEE on PS4/PS3/Xbox/Spybox -i mean- Xbox One.

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