Latest PSN update

Demo in latest PSN update

Sony is pushing a big update to the PlayStation 4 firmware this week, and among the new features is a "Verified Account" system that will emblazon the PSN accounts of developers and other game industry professionals with a special badge.

The addition of a verified account system is a big deal for development staff who either wish to increase their visibility on Sony's platform (community managers, for example) or minimize it.

Update: A Sony representative tells Gamasutra that PSN verified accounts are designed to work like similar systems on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

"A checkmark icon will appear next to the name/PSN IDs of certain developers and other game industry professionals to show that their accounts are confirmed authentic, " said the respresentative, though the checkmarks will only be visible on PlayStation 4. Developers interested in getting verified are advised to work with their Sony Computer Entertainment representative.

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