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As a gamer and a Lego fan this is a great combination and would equally make a great gift!

The PS4 is a very well priced and well designed piece of hardware, this particular one comes bundled with the game "Lego Batman 3" which is great fun with lots of puzzels to solve and "The lego Movie" on Blu-ray.. This is my second PS4 purchase, this one was a birthday gift for my girlfriend and i know she likes Lego stuff, needless to say it went down well.

Firstly about the console, it looks and feels quality and has a good weighty feel to it for something so small. Size wise I would say it's on a par with the PS3 slim. The two tone look really suits it with the blue light in between as an indicator as to the status of the console. Port wise at the back you have Power, Gigabit Ethernet, optical audio, HDMI out and an AUX proprietary port for the PlayStation Camera. At the front is the slot loading bluray drive on/off and eject buttons (which are touch sensitive) and 2x USB 3.0 ports which are ideal for charging your controller from and if you so wish a 3rd party headset. At this point i will note that Sony have made the PS4 so that you can upgrade the hard drive without voiding warranty... the specs if you want to know are that it be greater than 160GB and no thicker than 9.5mm. Although it doesn't mention the spin speed the one that comes in the console runs at 5400RPM to reduce heat so i would advise you stick to that for good measure.

The controller is a vast improvement compared to the Duelshock 3 (PS3 controller), it now actually feels like a proper controller and the textured back of it feels very nice to hold. The trigger buttons now feel like proper triggers and have been positioned in such a way so your fingers rest on them perfectly.

L1 and R1 buttons have been redesigned too and feel better. The thumb-sticks are perhaps the biggest improvement along with the trigger buttons and i can confirm that your fingers won't be slipping off due to the shape. Compared to the Xbox One controller i have to say i prefer the thumb-sticks on the duelshock 4 as they seem slightly bigger and hence you can rest a larger part of your thumbs on them, that is a personal preference however! There is a built-in mini speaker as well as a touch pad which game developers can use however they see fit, in a game by game basis. Select and Start buttons have been replaces with "share" and "options" buttons. The share button allows you to either capture past game-play footage (up to 15 minutes, a screenshot or even live stream footage to either twitch or ustream). The Options button kind of doubles as a start button. There is the inclusion of an in ear mono headset which simply plugs into the controller and i have to say it does feel cheap and basic but at least everyone will be catered for and won't have an excuse about not being able to talk to other players. If anything it will tide you over till you get something better after a few days/weeks and indeed would be good as backup so you can't really complain (at least they included one in the box). If you do want a proper headset then I fully recommend the "Sony PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0", it's good value and sound quality is awesome! You also get a HDMI cable and mini usb to usb 3.0 cable to charge the controller in the box. The battery is built in so no need for disposable batteries! (smiley face) although it is worth noting that if you want to play and charge the controller at the same time you WILL need to buy a longer cable. Either that or buy a second controller.

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