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I got this console as a birthday present in december 2008. Since then i have collected a range of fantastic games the console has to offer as well as a few blu rays.

I'll start with gaming. The graphics are brilliant and very realistic! And the variety of good quality games on the PS3 is huge. Most of these games have good conrols great gameplay and wonderful online capabilities! Games such as uncharted and metal gear solid look fantastic and have great storylines!

Now for blu ray movies. At the moment i only have 2 blu rays, dark knight and Mamma Mia. however i rent many a film on blu ray from lovefilm. And i have to say they look above and beyond DVD quality!! i rarely rent dvds anymore unless they are not available on blu ray! The PS3 can also play Dvd movies and it upscales the quality by quite a bit. i tested this to see if it was just speculation. I was wrong the dvds on a PS3 look way better than a normal dvd on a dvd player and it is definitely good enough if you want to save some money on a film and buy a dvd. It will still look brilliant on a hdtv with PS3.

On to Media. The PS3 has 80 GB of storage which is enought to store almost anything u can think of i go crazy with music photos home videos and game demos and i still have 30 GB of Space! Photos look great on the big screen and a slideshow option is available. Music also sound good and is nice to have in the background while you are doing something else.

Pros of the PS3 :
Great Games!
Huge Variety,
Brilliant graphics,
Infinite capabilities,
Briliiant online Playstation network,
DVD upscale,
Blu ray player,
Optional DVR with Play TV,
Great online e.g. video chat with friends, gaming, internet surfing, etc
and many many more!

Cons of the PS3:
No PS2 compatibility on this model,
Transfer of media from PC to PS3 is difficult however a media server for your PC like tversity is an easy fix,
navigation in blu ray home screens and typing can be tricky, easy fix is to buy a keyboard tht attaches to the top of your controller,

Overall id rate the console as 99% because nothing is perfect right :P

games i recommend : Uncharted, MGS4, Fifa, Virtua tennis 09, Midnight Club LA, Burnout paradise, COD 5, LBP
Blu rays i recommend: 21, catch me if you can, 17 again, The Dark Knight,
accesories i recommend: eye cam, keyboard, extra controller

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