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Take your PlayStation® experience with you on your mobile device with the new PlayStation®App! Always be ready to game with features that keep you connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play. Push games from PlayStation®Store to your PS4™ system and be ready to game at home.

With the PlayStation®App installed on your mobile device, you can:

· See what your friends are playing, compare trophies, and view your profile or recent activity.

· Chat with your friends; receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4™ system.

· Browse PlayStation®Store, pick-up the latest hit games and add-ons, and then push them to your PS4™ system so they are ready when you get home.

· Take advantage of the in-app second-screen features, when available, for greater challenges and control.

· Quickly access PlayStation® system guides, manuals, and PlayStation.Blog.

A Sony Entertainment Network account and PS4™ system are required to use all of this application's features.

What's New in Version 2.50.9

-The home screen has been redesigned.
-[Accessibility] has been added to [Settings]. You can adjust accessibility settings such as text size and high contrast.
-VoiceOver for iOS is now supported.
-You can now delete trophies with 0% achievement progress.
-[Earned Date], [Not Earned], and [Grade] have been added as sorting options for trophies. You can also sort by [Earned Date] and [Not Earned] options when comparing trophies with other players.
-You can now sort content in [Live from PlayStation]. You can sort by [Number of Spectators], [Date], or [Number of Comments]. If [Games] is selected, you can also sort by [Number of Broadcasters] or [Game Title].
-[Privacy Settings] has been added to [Profile].
-You can now send real-name requests in addition to Friend requests to users who are currently not on your Friends list.
-The name and icon for "PSN(SM)" have been changed to "PlayStation™Network".
-Stability during use of some features has been improved.

Cool upgrade
by Press_Slam-F5

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