Handheld PlayStation 2

ps2_handheld_01The PlayStation 2 is a console few gamers will ever forget. Unlike the PS3’s awkward start it was a perfect follow-up to the PSOne and sold like hot cakes, and has continued to sell millions even as it was being replaced.

While I still have a PS2 under my TV, some people have decided to start experimenting with the hardware instead. One such person is a UK modder by the name of techknott who has managed to transform a PS2 console into a PS2 handheld unit.

The disc drive is mounted on the back of the unit while the DualShock controller has been rearranged and mounted on the casing surrounding a PSOne display taken from the console’s screen accessory. It’s a 5-inch LCD color TFT display that does a good enough job.

While it’s quite a bulky unit, I can still see it being acceptable for holding while playing for relatively long periods of time. It’s non PSP, though, and can’t currently be played on the go due to the lack of a battery pack.

Techknott actually made the handheld as a commission, but the person who requested it won’t respond to him anymore. His only alternative is to sell it to the highest bidder via the ModRetro forums (link below).

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PlayStation 2 handheld portable
PlayStation 2 handheld portable
Playstation 2 handheld
Playstation 2 handheld

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