Recommended games for PS3

Underground fighting is a

Could be more selective with the list, but good work.


Oh, is there some on there that shouldn't be included? I tried to stay open and cover all spots, let me know. I want this thread to look very nice.

Depends, what's your goal for creating a list like this? Is it to provide a buyer's guide, or just list every good game? I'm seeing things that could be on there but not if you're going for one big to-buy list, or things that are more niche and wouldn't be recommendeded for all (Cathrine, for one), to scarcity of titles (RB3, Tomb Raider Trilogy).

Basically just a list showcasing what "decent" games the PS3 has to offer, I felt like it had to encompass both people who are brand new to the PS3, whether or not they have another console, and people who are just looking for more games without having to create their own threads. I've never played Catherine, I will eventually, and I know it's not a game for everybody. I don't think I should limit the games though to a specific crowd.

I'll probably make a section at the beginning of each genre that outlines the "Must Haves" of that genre. Then continue after that with lesser games and niche games that "may interest you if you enjoyed..."

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Electronic Arts Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: Collectors Edition - Playstation 3
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • CE edition contains courses found in the standard Masters Edition, plus five additional courses developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment...
  • For the first time ever in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise history, players will now be able to compete at Augusta National Golf Club.
  • Relive and play through memorable, historic moments of the Masters. Take the challenge and see where you measure up against the greats who have played in this legendary...
  • Play like a true pro with a caddie alongside, assisting and supporting your every swing. The caddie will evaluate all pre-shot factors, such as wind, lie, and yardage...
  • Enjoy new features like Fast Golf which allow you to complete a full round in half the time. The new save system provides the flexibility to save, and later resume...
Jakks Jakks SpongeBob SquarePants TV Game
Toy (Jakks)
  • SpongeBob SquarePants TV Game packs 5 video games in single controller
  • Compact and portable; 8-bit gaming system fun for kids and nostalgic parents
  • Child-safe durable plastic stands up to constant use
  • Plugs into A/V jacks on any TV
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
by Sony Sony Playstation 3 60gb (Japan Import)
Video Games (by Sony)
  • Play allows the software of PlayStation 2 .
  • Playable in English display .
Yard Safari Backyard Safari Wet Dry Field Kit
Toy (Yard Safari)
  • Capture bugs and reptiles without ever touching them
  • 5 in 1 field tool kit comes with an angled mirror, mini spade, brush, tongs and a telescoping magnet
  • Requires 4 AA and 2 AG13 batteries, all included
  • Includes field tool kit, magnifying bucket, bug vacuum, scoop net, patch and field guide
  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and older
Mattel Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet
Toy (Mattel)
  • Every girl needs a fabulous closet to store her fashionable clothes
  • Fill and organize your ultimate Barbie closet with the latest fashions
  • Display fashions with hangers and store accessories in compartments
  • Comes with a ring for the girl so she can accessorize in style
  • Includes 1 Barbie fashion, fabulous shoes, accessories and a ring for the girl

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