PS3 Move GameStop

PlayStation Move GameStop sale

This is the best time yet to jump on Sony's motion control setup.

GameStop has a very nice deal going on right now that will let you jump on the PlayStation Move bandwagon (the Movement, if you will) for half the normal price.

In addition to the Move controller ($24.99) and the Navigation sub-controller (the Move's equivalent of the Wii Nunchuk; $14.99), the official charging station ($14.99) and the Move SharpShooter ($19.99) can be had for 50% off. A selection of Move-compatible games have been dropped all the way to $9.99, some of which were $39.99. These include PlayStation Move Heroes, EyePet, SingStar Dance, and High Velocity Bowling. Unfortunately, the deal doesn't extend to some of Move's heavy hitters like Killzone 3, Resistance 3, or SOCOM 4.

Whatever this may or may not say about the sales success of Move, it's a good way of getting your hands on the hardware ahead of something like Child of Eden's PS3 release on September 27, a game which supports both Move and 3D. BioShock Infinite has been announced to support Move, as will the upcoming The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut, NBA 2K12, Dust 514, and more. LittleBigPlanet 2 is now Move compatible as of just recently, and it's just one of many games to have patched in support.

PlayStation Move GameStop sale The one caveat is that you'll still need a PlayStation Eye camera in order to actually take advantage of your new Move controller, and that particular item isn't on sale. Should you need to buy one for $39.99 at GameStop, that makes the savings look worse, though Amazon has it for $28.50 right now. If you already have the Eye already got one or just need a second controller, this looks like the way to go.

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