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These two are readySony's lining up a scintillating E3 2015 showcase – and you'll be able to experience the whole thing live in movie theatres. As with last year, the platform holder will be broadcasting its press conference in cinemas around the United States and Canada, and tickets will be available free for those with the fastest fingers. You'll be able to register your spot starting from 09:00AM PT on 27th May through here.

In addition to watching all of the action unfold on the big screen, attendees will be able to enjoy an exclusive post-show broadcast as well, which will be hosted by hotshot Geoff Keighley. Those that get into the theatre will also be able to take home a special PlayStation prize, consisting of various goods and digital codes. Last year, everyone got access to the Battlefield Hardline and Destiny betas, so expect something similar this time around.

There's a trailer for the event below. Are you going to try and attend this time? Which games do you most want to see on the silver screen? Grab some popcorn and assume your seat in the comments section below.

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