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In order to fix the multitude of issues that hampered Ultra Street Fighter IV’s launch on PlayStation 4, the folks at Sony recently pushed out a patch addressing graphical oddities like disappearing fireballs, Decapre’s “shortened” teleport, and more. Unfortunately, no word was released concerning the title’s increased input latency, which caught many by surprise as this version was supposed to erase the inherent lag of its predecessor on PlayStation 3.

Despite the lack of reassurance that this issue was being looked into, it appears as if the latest update did improve the PlayStation 4 latency, if only by a little.

Display Lag, who previously the aforementioned research, and Khaos Gaming took to Ultra Street Fighter IV separately after its upgrade to ver.1.02 to see if anything had been done to reduce lag effects. While both organizations came to slightly different conclusions, their individual tests show that a very tiny adjustment has been made, one that results in just under one frame of improvement.

That being said, the overall figures shown above are still rather disheartening. Display Lag found that latency in the PlayStation 4 version of Capcom’s flagship fighter continues to clock in at around 133ms (~7.2 frames), while Khaos Gaming came to an average of 113ms (~6.8 frames) during their experiment. These numbers are a far cry from what we’ve seen of the community-standard Xbox 360, which features 85ms (~5.1 frames) of lag, and even the PlayStation 3’s relatively poor average of 107ms (~6.4 frames).

While this port was developed by third-party studio Other Ocean Interactive, Sony and Capcom have promised that they are stepping in to make sure corrections are made.

For the time being, Capcom Pro Tour events that had previously switched to PlayStation 4, namely Evo 2015 and Community Effort Orlando 2015, are free from using it during their competitions. Both have officially switched back to Xbox 360.

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