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grand-theft-auto5-ps3The Sony PS3 has given us a new console gaming experience with high-quality graphics and extreme actions. Sony and other publisher are working on the latest games, and these latest games for PS3 would be seen very soon in this year. There is a long list of PS3 games, but we chose only top 5 playstation 3 games. Microsoft’s latest console Xbox One would be launched in September, and Sony is expected to launch its latest PS4 very soon.

PS3 has a better grasp on the console gaming market, and its sale was good enough than the other console devices. It comes with cutting-edge cell processor and Nvidia graphics chip, which provides better gaming than computers. Now, it is time to talk about the PS3 games.

Grand Theft Auto 5

We start from GTA 5, and GTA series is very famous among the console game’s lovers. It may be the last game from its publisher Rockstar. Trailer of GTA 5 was shown officially in November, 2013. The game has a fictional location Los Santos which is same as Los Angeles. The game would come for the both PS3 and Xbox 360.


The environment of the game gives a realistic look, and the player behaves like human being including walking, driving, eating and running. The game has weapons, luxurious cars, jet, tank and more, which can be used by the player. The game has various missions, and play can move around freely to fight with others.

The Last Of Us

Sony is the publisher of The Last Of Us game, which was launched in June 14, 2013. It is based on the story of two survivors Joel and Ellie who have to survive zombified plague and hostile scavengers. Ellie is a young girl, and Joel is a survivor who is very brutal. They start their journey together to survive in the US.

There are many survivors in the game who kill each other for weapons, food etc. and Joel and Ellie have to avoid or kill other survive to get rid of them. The survivor Joel and Ellie have ammunition and health in a limit. There are many strategies to kill others by breaking their group or lure them by throwing things.

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Latest Ps3 Games
Latest Ps3 Games
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UBI Soft Asphalt: Injection - PlayStation Vita
Video Games (UBI Soft)
  • Arcade racing at its finest with collectibles, crashes, jumps, shortcuts, and nitro for thrilling races.
  • 52 licensed cars from prestigious manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin plus legendary models and 2011 s hottest cars.
  • Race on 20 unique tracks inspired by real cities like Rio, Shanghai, and Monte Carlo rendered with cutting-edge graphical effects.
  • Master 10 different event types laid out in a full-featured Career mode with more than 100 unique events.
  • Enter a next-gen visual experience with high definition car modeling, real-time lighting, and amazing fluidity in crashes and car deformations.
Disney Interactive Studios(World) Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition - PlayStation 2
Video Games (Disney Interactive Studios(World))
  • All-new “Disney” DDR game hits the PlayStation2
  • Featuring music and characters from some of Disney Channel’s biggest sensations such as High School Musical, Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s...
  • Multiple difficulty levels so everyone can get out there and dance
  • 40 songs including other popular hits

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