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Fallout 4 will be officially announced in the next 24 hours, as per the details shared by Bethesda via Twitter. The studios shared first teaser image along with a link to a teaser site. The source code of Fallout 4 teaser website has revealed that the game will be a cross-gen i.e. it will launch on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The screenshot below showcase CSS code of Fallout 4 teaser website (click on the image to ENLARGE). There is a clear mention of PS4, Xbox One and Steam which means that this is definitely not an old CSS, and there is mention of Xbox 360 and PS3 as well.

Now match this cross-gen listing with the list on the Bethesda's E3 showfloor (listed below). The free 2 play game (Battlecry) and the action game (Doom) are only listed for PC/XB1/PS4 (and seemingly a mobile tie-in for Doom), but the RPG (Fallout 4) is listed as cross-gen.

Action > Android
Action > Apple iOS
Action > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Action > PC/Windows
Action > Publication/Media
Action > Sony Playstation
Action > Sony Playstation 4
Action > Xbox
Action > Xbox One
Free-to-play > Android
Free-to-play > Apple iOS
Free-to-play > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Free-to-play > PC/Windows
Free-to-play > Sony Playstation
Free-to-play > Sony Playstation 4
Free-to-play > Xbox
Free-to-play > Xbox One
Publication > Android
Publication > Mobile Phone / Tablet
Publication > PC/Windows
Publication > Sony Playstation
Publication > Sony Playstation 3
Publication > Sony Playstation 4
Publication > Xbox
Publication > Xbox 360
Publication > Xbox One
Role-Playing > PC/Windows
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation 3
Role-Playing > Sony Playstation 4

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