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The vocabulary of memory has become inextricably linked with that of technology. It is thanks to our basic understanding of one that we can comprehend the other: it’s all just electrical impulses encoding snapshots of time in a great big database, differing only in its material and appearance – at least until they build a computer that looks like a crumpled flesh sneeze.

Master Reboot takes that connection between memory and technology and uses it to create a story that – although futuristic and sci-fi – is still close to the realm of possibility: what if we could upload our consciousness, our memories, our very soul – to a server?

cheap playstation 3 console bundles What if people did this to preserve a loved one’s existence after death, to watch and re-watch in a masochistic cycle of grief, like watching a Nicholas Sparks film with a bottle of wine and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? This may sound like a good idea (especially the ice cream bit) but consider the reality: technology is often incredibly unreliable. If you can’t trust a computer not to garble a word document, could you ever trust one to care for a deceased relative’s soul?

The story, told through fragments of a half-remembered life scattered across the game like a shattered mirror, revolves around the idea that such a system exists, called the Soul Cloud. It all goes a bit EA when files uploaded to the Cloud become corrupted or lost, and we’re not just talking about game save files, either – these are people’s entire lives, damaged beyond repair. It’s up to you, the first-person protagonist, to delve into the issue by entering the Soul Cloud yourself. That’s some dedicated IT support.

Once inside the Cloud, you’re invited to explore. You find yourself in a room, with a circle of buildings towering over you like a silent jury, each with an innocuously labelled door: Beach Memory, one says, for example, or Fairground Memory. These are offered to you in batches of three or four at a time, and though the story told through these memories is roughly linear, they can be taken in whatever order you like.

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  • Includes a difficulty level functionality that the user can change through the menu at any point during the game.
  • Heavy Rain was the winner of won 2010 s Game of the Year from CNN and Gaming Union. Heavy Rain also won GameSpy and IGN s Best PlayStation 3 Game of 2010 .
  • Heavy Rain ranked as the tenth best-selling game in North America for February 2010
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  • 16:9 New Order Mode: Making full use of HD TV screens, the New Order mode presents a field approximately twice the size of traditional vertical arcade shooters...
  • Dual-stick Compatibility: In addition to the two original control options, gamers can also elect to control the direction of their shot with the right control stick.
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  • New innovation in the cover gameplay mechanic that advances the genre
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  • 3rd person shooter with polished next-gengraphics

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