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@singingmenstrual said:

I'm a man who goes after good gameplay and likes to be respected by the developer and not given bush league gameplay that is repetitive or unimaginative and only used as a vehicle for a story. That is why, for example, I thought Spec Ops The Line was not good.

So I've heard that The Last of Us has frustrating gameplay against Clickers or something, that the ammo system didn't make sense, and that Ellen Page keeps getting in your way during fights. Forget the story, how's the gameplay?

@believer I guess you're right, Vanquish looks good and so does Yakuza, it's just that I don't wanna risk buying a Japanese game and finding anime in my face, lame mechanics, or nonsensical stories with tons of random names and pretentious delivery, I do not enjoy that stuff.

The Last of Us's gameplay is mostly against humans, which are mostly fun to fight. Clicker sections do suck. They make up a noticeable percentage of the game, but not an overwhelming amount. Its story is well-worth the trouble. Play it on Easy if you're afraid of disliking the clicker sections. Fake Ellen Page never, ever gets in your way. She literallycan't due to how the game is programmed. It does move at a slower, more realistic pace, though, so don't expect to be doing Vanquish-level shenanigans in this third person shooter.

Speaking of Vanquish, it's the furthest opposite of Gears of War you can get. Super fast paced, stylish, full of finesse. Its story is pretty dumb, but dumb in the best kind of way, and the game is quite aware that it's just a dumb action game. No pretentiousness here.

I don't know anything about Yakuza other than "it's weird". It's worth picking up if only because you have no clue what to expect and you might be pleasantly surprised?

On a final note, I also go after good gameplay and stories and I come across a fair bit of that in anime and Japanese games. They take some getting used to, which can be a turn off for a lot of people, but they're not "bush league", they certainly aren't "unimaginative", and they tend to have a focus on mechanics with plenty of depth. True, the genre has some pretty widespread issues, but then most Western-dominated genres have widespread issues as well. As a culture, we're just more used to them, and often better at covering them up with spectacle or something. Western games tend to be shorter, so that bush league, repetitive, and unimaginative gameplay doesn't really have time to get tiring. I'm not taking offense, but I am calling you out on writing off an entire country's output of games because you clearly don't understand them. And I'm not derailing this thread anymore - start a new thread if it bugs you that much.

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Cheap PS3 Games
Cheap PS3 Games
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