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best boxing games for pc

Looking for the Best Boxing Games for PC?

Look no further. Here is a definitive list of the best boxing games titles available on the PC.

The selection of boxing games for PC is a limited one when compared to the options offered by Playstation and Xbox. While the majority decision may be that consoles are the undisputed champion of platforms for boxing games, many PC gamers are still insistent on punching above their weight, so here are some of the top titles available.

– $9.99

When it comes to boxing games on the PC, very few games can even stand up to the quality, smooth gameplay, and flawless execution that you see on more high end games such as Fight Night. Perhaps it’s because of the strong push towards developing MMORPG’s and FPS games, or perhaps it’s because Fight Night simply set the bar too high – either way, to everyone’s surprise, when Real Boxing was released it truly became a strong contender in the realm of boxing games!

best boxing games for pcImagine taking a step into a Vegas arena, lights flashing and your opponent just waiting fearlessly opposite you. With intuitive controls that are optimized for touch screen devices, you’ll spend countless hours fighting your way through opponent after opponent in a myriad of different locations to achieve the coveted championship belt!

With incredible gameplay, fantastic lighting and graphics, and a small $10 price tag Real Boxing offers a stunningly high quality boxing game with all of the nifty features fighting game fans will fall in love with! Read full Real Boxing review>

2. Worldwide Boxing Manager – .99

best boxing games for pcThe gameplay of Worldwide Boxing Manager focuses more on the management side than the actual fighting. Taking on the role of a boxing manager starting out with a single unknown fighter, you will create your character and assign skill points to attributes such as training, scouting, promotion and negotiation. The game offers a large selection of unique fighters to challenge or sign.There’s also the option to create your own boxer by selecting stats and customising their appearance.

Booking fights, locations and media events will help you get more recognition to attract better fighters. Once a fight is booked you’ll have time to train your fighter and can focus on specific attributes that you think will help him against his match up. As the fight unfolds you’ll be able to coach your fighter between rounds to adapt his strategy as you see fit. As you progress and become more well known you’ll eventually be able to manage up to 20 fighters. While the gameplay may not be the most engrossing, it is fairly realistic. In the beginning you may struggle simply to keep your budget in the black.

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