Best games of 2014 for PS3

Best games for 2014 and beyond: The 36 best PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U games


While last year's E3 videogames trade show mainly focused on the two new next-generation consoles, this year's event was the ultimate showcase for an amazing line-up of games.

Most games publishers focused on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC next-generation titles, bar Nintendo which had its own special line-up that proved the Wii U is far from dead. However, lip service was still paid in some places to the current generation machines, the Xbox 360 and PS3. There's a mighty user base still out there and it is hungry for the hottest titles too.

So we've put together an exhaustive list of our favourite games from the show, as determined by the previews we wrote at the time. We saw others too, but these are the games that really rocked our boat. And they are all coming out in the remaining months of 2014 or beyond, so you can make sure you pre-order or put them on your wishlists now...

Best PS4 games for 2014 and beyond


Release date: 10 October

What we said: "It will be interesting to explore the multiplayer aspects of the game more in the coming months. And look into the creation of clubs and the iOS and Android companion apps, which were not available at the show. But from this extended play of DriveClub it will be giving Forza Horizon 2 a run for its money."

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Little Big Planet 3

Release date: November

What we said: "Run, jump, grab, collect items - Little Big Planet 3 is typical platformer fare, but one with flair. The addition of the new characters evolves the game without removing its core and we thought it was refreshing to play after battling through half a dozen first person shooter titles at this year's E3 gaming expo."

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The Order: 1886

What we said: "The demo was bit too short to get a real feel of the storyline - on average, it took eight minutes to get through, three if you really know what you're doing - but it was enough to know that Sony has a PS4 exclusive that could become an important new IP. On this evidence, it is sensible to have delayed the game for that extra polish."

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Release date: 2015

What we said: "Of all the E3 press conference unveils it was Uncharted 4 that received the biggest round of applause; the cheering began just at the sight of the Naughty Dog logo appearing on screen. But it was no surprise as such: we knew the title was in development back in November 2013."

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Best Xbox One games for 2014 and beyond

Forza Horizon 2

Release date: 3 October

What we said: "Forza Horizon 2 is more than just the original racing game with some added weather effects. As you battle to stick your supercar to the tarmac in locations across southern Europe, it's hard to not marvel at the glorious graphics while dodging oncoming traffic."

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