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[PSP® system / PSP®go]

Infrastructure mode troubleshooting

Infrastructure Mode allows you to connect your PSPgo® or PSP® system to the Internet. If you are experiencing problems using Infrastructure mode on the PSPgo / PSP system, try these troubleshooting options:

Make sure the WLAN switch on the PSPgo / PSP system is turned on.

  • For PSP-2001 and PSP-3001: The WLAN switch is on the top of the unit to the left of the UMD™ door. Slide the switch to the right to turn on. PSP 2000/3000 WLAN switch
  • For PSP-1001: The WLAN switch is on the left side and slide up to turn on.
  • For PSPgo system: The WLAN switch is located on the left side. Slide up to turn on.

Turn off Power Saving on the PSPgo / PSP system

  1. Go to (Settings) > (Power Save Settings) and press the button.
  2. Highlight WLAN Power Save and choose Off.

If you can connect to the Internet, but not SCEA game servers or PSN

  • Confirm that the software you are using supports Infrastructure play by checking the Feature Notices on the back of the game box. Only software with the "Wi-Fi Compatible (Infrastructure)" or "Wi-Fi Compatible (Ad Hoc/Infrastructure)" Feature Notices are compatible with Infrastructure play.

Power-cycle ALL network equipment, including any VOIP modems

Power-cycle all of your network equipment, including any wireless access points, routers, and broadband modems for two (2) full minutes. "Power-cycle" simply means to unplug the device's the power source and then plug it back in again after a set period of time. This lets the network device to refresh its settings.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribe to Voice Over IP (VOIP) for telephone service, you'll want to make sure you have completely power-cycled the VOIP equipment (i.e., VOIP modem) for 2 full minutes also. Many VOIP modems are equipped with back-up batteries that keep the device ON, even after it's been unplugged. You may need to contact your ISP if you need more assistance with power-cycling your VOIP device.

Clear any interference or obstacles to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal

Try positioning the PSPgo / PSP system closer to the wireless router or wireless access point (WAP) to enhance the wireless signal. Large metal objects or metal walls may interfere with, or reflect, the wireless signal, as may: microwave ovens, Bluetooth® wireless devices, 2.4 gigahertz cordless phones, high-powered audio equipment, television sets or computer monitors, or electronic insect "zappers."

Confirm Security Key

If your wireless network access is security-enabled (encrypted) from open access, you will need your WEP or WPA Security Key (password). If you do not know this information, speak to the person who configured your home network settings.

The PSPgo / PSPgo / PSP system supports WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) encryption technology, capable of using 128-bit/64-bit encryption keys. WEP information for all devices on a single wireless local area network (WLAN) must match exactly, or the wireless connection will fail.

Confirm which network you are connected to (SSID)

While scanning for SSIDs (available networks) with your PSPgo/PSP you can pick other wireless networks than your own. Make sure you have selected the correct SSID (network name) which belongs to your own wireless network.

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