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Sony has finally launched an Official PlayStation Network Status PageSony has launched an Official PlayStation Network Status Page in an effort to reduce the number of people asking if PSN is currently down or up and running.

PSN has been the victim of numerous DDOS and other attacks that led to the service going down numerous times already. And this would often lead to people asking whether or not PSN is currently down or up or if the user is just having some connectivity problems on their end.

Now Sony has put up a page that PSN users can visit to check the current status of the PlayStation Network. Users who visit the site would then be redirected to their local PlayStation regions page, is if you are in the US you would naturally be direct to

You can visit and bookmark this page: to check whether PSN is down or up.

If you check out the page, here is what you will typically see:

  • All Services are up and running
  • Account Management
  • Sign In
  • Create Account
  • Gaming and Social
  • PlayStation Now
  • Video Unlimited
  • PlayStation Vue
  • PlayStation Store
  • Purchase
  • Download
  • Browse
  • Search
  • Redeem Voucher

Planned Maintenance ReminderYesterday, the Network Status Page showed that there was a Planned Maintenance Reminder for the PlayStation®Vue, so we got to see an example of a status report on whether a PSN service would be available or not.

Planned Maintenance Reminder
Start: Friday, March 20, 12:00 AM PDT (7:00 AM GMT)
End: Friday, March 20, 2:00 AM PDT (9:00 AM GMT)
You may experience issues with the following services:

We endeavor to ensure that PlayStation® Network services are available at all times. However, occasionally Sony Entertainment Network may need to be taken offline so we can perform essential maintenance. This is to ensure our network continues to run smoothly and securely and to provide you with new and updated services.

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