Must have PlayStation 3 games

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Also known as Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, this first HD instalment in the legendary links series is one of the best, with online play including nail-biting 50-player tournaments and simultaneous 8-player matches that are as intense as any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 death match.

World Tour barely deviates from the template that made its PSP and PS2 counterparts so addictive: its new swing mechanic is optional if you prefer to kick it old-school, you still unlock characters, courses and items through Challenge mode and character customisation is as odd as ever.

It might lack the portability of its PSP cousin but it delivers all the deceptively complex play, with new courses to test even the most experienced players, and of course the all-important replay mode to show off your finest shots.

It's unmistakably Everybody's Golf, then, but in HD. Need we say more?

Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain is a rarity: a game that's incredibly flawed and enormously advanced at the same time.

While its Quick Time Event-heavy action didn't win everyone over, it certainly makes for exhilarating car chases, brawls and shoot outs, as you play four different characters and investigate the Origami Killer.

There may be enough plot holes and misogyny to fill a snuff movie, and its technical beauty is wrapped around a skeleton that dates back to Dragon's Lair, but Heavy Rain is simply a must-have PS3 game: unique, atmospheric and with far more replay value than many less linear games, it's well worth your time and attention.

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Electronic Arts Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame Edition - Playstation 3
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  • Limited Edition - Only 125, Hall of Fame Editions were made, making it a must have for any football fan
  • Autographed Panini Card - Each copy of the Hall of Fame Edition will include one of four exclusive Marshall Faulk trading cards, featuring a personally hand-signed...
  • Go for the Gold - One solid, 18k gold autographed card has been randomly inserted into one Xbox 360 and one PlayStation 3 copy of the Hall of Fame Edition. The...
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Disney INFINITY Disney INFINITY Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey
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  • Interactive game piece for Disney Infinity Starter Pack
  • Place your INFINITY figures onto the base to transport yourself to the worlds of your favorite Disney movies (base not included)
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  • Must have a Disney Infinity Starter Pack to play
Electronic Arts Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - PlayStation 4
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Requires PlayStation Plus to play
  • 24-player multiplayer action - Choose your side, plants or zombies, in 24-player online battles.
  • Customization - Personalize your favorite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items and customizations.
  • 4-player online co-op - Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode.
  • New plants and zombies - Powerful new plants and zombies with a huge variety of abilities.

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