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Following the success of the PlayStation 2 in the mid-2000s, Sony made great changes in the brand’s system, applying new technologies to make the next iteration of the console more of a home entertainment machine that all people can use, instead of simply a gaming console. In order to make the new console more user-friendly, the brand even used the tested interface of the PSP, and buffed it up to suit a more HD style of gaming. The end result is a very high-tech, but familiar to use device; the widely anticipated PlayStation 3.

The PlayStation 3 takes up the spot of Sony’s entry to the seventh generation of the console wars. This more advanced device boasts Full-HD graphics and Hi-Fi audio capability. While most of the consoles before are played by kids because of fun and creativity, adults and teenagers are also attracted to this console because of the more unique games that are very challenging and require more concentration and strategy to beat. The PS3 also pushed Sony as a leader in the competitive gaming scene, with their almost PC-like device.

Advancement on PS3

What sets the PlayStation 3 among their other competitors is due to the device’s giant leap, in terms of tried and tested technology. The PS3 is the first console to introduce wireless joystick gaming with the Dual Shock 3, connecting through direct wireless communication. The PS3 also was the first exclusive device to play content from the HDMI port, maximizing the resolution and clarity of the console when hooked up to the TV. The PS3 is also known because of their action games and series games that are often most anticipated due to their interactive story-telling that doesn’t lead the player hanging. While the DLC add ons were quite a bother, Sony’s high sales of the console states that this device is a big device, especially when they released its iterations.

The Play Station 3 has the recently released a super slim edition of the console. By the name itself, this PS3 boasts thinner and lighter design than the previous edition. It was released with a new manual sliding disc cover, instead of the previous motorized slot-loading disc. It is more convenient to use, easy to put up, and does not sacrifice any of the uses of the previous generation. In fact, the PS3 Super Slim fixes all the previous iteration’s bugs. The PS3 comes in black and white colors, with some selling it in special edition colors and design.

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