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The temptation was just too much. Even with the car payment, the mortgage, and the hospital bills from having your squeedlyspooch removed, you still couldn't resist dropping the tantalizingly reasonable 250 clams for a new PlayStation 3. And who can blame you? We went out and bought a second PS3 that we have absolutely no use for, it was that enticing of a proposition.
But now that you've got the system, these tough economic times have left you with very little money for actual games. What's a gamer like you to do? You can't even sell your squeedlyspooch on the black market.

Thankfully, Amazon has your back, as they have both recognized and seized the opportunity to get that skrill provide valuable savings by shoveling a big ol' pile of discounted PS3 titles in your face. The sale is an eclectic mix, to be certain: and Def Jam Rapstar aren't often mentioned in the same sentence, for instance, and while some titles may be, this still seems like a good way to get some use out of your new console.

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